Coming to the aid of triplets


IT is encouraging to see when social media is used for good such as in the case of the Chongwe triplet babies who this weekend benefitted from a donation from the Twins Plus Foundation.
Social media was awash with images of youthful members of the organisation made up of twin siblings visiting the 8-week triplets.
The Bible says ask and you shall receive, and so it is a testimony to the goodness of humanity that the struggling mother of the triplets was able to get support from the public.
A 34-year-old woman of Kapamangoma village in Chongwe gave birth to the male triplets and was struggling after being abandoned by the father who had advised her to abort.
Cecilia Kababa, who gave birth to the triplets a month ago, had made an appeal for help as she does not have enough milk for the three babies.
In an interview, she disclosed that her lover who is reported to be married, refused to take responsibility and advised her to terminate the pregnancy. This happened in Chiefteiness Nkomesha’s area.
“He advised me to abort and I faked it because I saw it to be immoral. He has not been seen ever since,” she said.
She lamented that she was going through a tough time at the moment as she was rejected by the man who fathered the babies. And Ms Norah Kababa, who is Cecilia’s mother, appealed to well-wishers to help her daughter and the babies as it was not an easy task to take care of the three babies of the same age. Some well-wishers in Chongwe who learnt of the ordeal have come on board to help.
Noria Buleya of Chikondi Baptist Church has garnered support from ‘Good Samaritans’ encouraged the family to remain strong and put everything in God’s hands.
She expressed happiness when she learned that the babies were named after three great prophets Nehemiah, Jeremiah and Nahum. She was speaking when she donated assorted food stuffs, baby milk, toys, and blankets to the babies.
And this weekend, the Lusaka based foundation donated assorted items to abandoned triplets in Kapamangoma village in Chalimbana ward in Chongwe.
Twins plus foundation co-founder Joel Mwanza who delivered the donation disclosed that the donation was facilitated by a Lusaka based youthful entrepreneur, Tom Peter Mwanza. The donation included formula milk, soap, nappies and assorted foodstuff altogether valued at a cost of K2,550.
He revealed that the foundation learnt of the predicament through an article published in the Lusaka Sun Newspaper. He said that the foundation’s appeal to donors received a positive response from Tom Mwanza who made the donation as part of his birthday celebration. He disclosed that the foundation which was founded by his twin brother Felix and himself makes contributions to abandoned twins and triplets across communities. He was thankful for the support that the initiative was receiving from its partners and well-wishers like Tom.
Mwanza thanked the donor for the assistance and appealed to other well-wishers to come on board and help the needy children.
And the donor, Tom Mwanza said that he made the donation in response to a request by the foundation. He stated that he made the donation as a way of celebrating his birthday with the needy.
He further thanked the media houses such as the Daily Nation and the Lusaka Sun for ably disseminating the information.
He observed that making such a donation does not need huge sums of money and urged people to take small steps in helping the needy.
And the mother of the triplets thanked the foundation for the donation saying it was timely because the children could not be sustained through breast milk alone. She said that the breast milk was not sufficient enough to feed the infants who had a good appetite.
She further thanked all the donors for supporting her and the triplets. She said that the overwhelming support received so far was greatly appreciated.
Such good works should continue. It does not matter what the size of the contribution may be.
While the birth of a baby is seen as a blessing and multiple births a multiple blessing – it can be hard for a single mother to cope.
Ms Kababa still needs support and it is hoped that more will come to her aid.


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