Chingliz hosts birthday comedy


Local comedian Chingliz on Saturday 14th November celebrated his birthday in a special way by hosting an hour set Comedy Special dabbed ‘NewNomore Comedy Special.’ Last year, Chingliz hosted his first Comedy Special called Approved Funny Comedy Special.

“This was my second. In NewNomore, I was basically talking about my life and experience in the New Normal,” explained Chingliz.

“My perception on Corona is that our country always finds it difficult to embrace change, but with the coming of Covid-19, change has been inevitable.” He said almost everyone has been pushed in the corner during this Covid-19 pandemic and that in the process, it has brought a lot of confusion to different individuals, him inclusively.
“So it’s that confusion that I was literally talking about in the NewNomore comedy special. The confusion can be seen from the spelling of the name of the show itself,” he said.
The event was held at the newly-opened Garnet Hotels along Kamloops Road opposite Chainama Golf Club.
“It was a successful show although it was only for a limited number due to Covid-19 and it,” concluded Chingliz.


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