ZRA urges clients to utilise TaxOn App


THE Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has urged taxpayers to utilise the recently launched TaxOnApp application as it allows them to get tax information such as applicable tax rates, rebates, exemptions, duty free items among others.

ZRA acting Corporate Communications Manager, Robert Zawe, said the success of every business depended on its ability to adapt and create fresh innovative ideas and products that serve their clients better.
Mr Zawe said the TaxOnApp was therefore an innovation which was making it easier for tax payers to navigate content transact with the ZRA from the palm of their hands on a mobile phone.
“The app will also include information on various Tax Legislations such the VAT Act, Customs and Excise Act, Income Tax Act, practice notes, annual reports, tariff codes and latest information about the Authority.
“Individuals, entrepreneurs, small business owners and self-managed income earners, auditors, tax practitioners, lawyers, and all those who do not have specialized teams that work on tax matters can now access relevant tax information in one place using their phones,” he said in interview.
The App, he said, had a variety of features that allowed tax payers to register, search for Tax payer Identification Number (TPIN), search for customs declarations, make integrated border declarations and payment on a single platform, file tax returns and make payments.
Mr Zawe indicated that the app had quick turnaround times on revisions of the acts and legislation and that it was updated immediately when new tax legislation or ZRA information is introduced.
“The product takes an agile approach which is not a thing but rather an agile mindset that drives an approach to software development of solutions through a collaborative effort adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery and continual improvement back by the Kaizen concept.
“This encourages flexible responses to change and continue improving the product based on the customer needs who are the taxpayer,” he said.


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