Cure Zambia blesses Loveness with new feet

CURE International


“I want to go back to school when I get healed,” Loveness, a sweet 17-year-old girl with neglected clubfoot, shared when she first arrived at CURE Zambia. “I walk barefoot. I can’t put on shoes like everyone else. Even sandals or flip flops don’t fit on my feet.”
Loveness once said that people in her community used to mock her by comparing her to a lock on a door, saying a door lock moves as the door opens and closes but doesn’t actually go anywhere. Her feet allowed her to move, but never travel. Loveness cried of desperation for 17 years feeling trapped both physically and emotionally until she received medical treatment and spiritual healing at our CURE hospital in Zambia.
For the first time, Loveness is able to wear two shoes on her feet! She is filled with hope and healing, and can’t wait to go back to school to one day possibly become a teacher! #TransformationTuesday


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