Court ‘forgives’ Choma hubby for clobbering man found with wife


MULENGA MUSONDA writes @SunZambian
THE Choma Magistrates Court has unconditionally discharged man who assaulted another man after ambushing him with his wife in the bush.

In this matter Brazier Muyuni, a polygamy of Sinazongwe district pleaded guilty to one count of Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily harm.
It was alleged that Muyuni on October 27 in Choma assaulted Sidney Monga and thereby occasioning him actual bodi-ly harm.
When he appeared for plea before Resident Magistrate Ethel Phiri, the accused person admitted the charge against him and explained that he could not hold his temper after he found the complainant in the bush with his second wife.
The accused person told the court that he got upset when he found his wife with the complainant in the bush and decided to beat him.
Muyuni went further and told the Court that despite him not finding the two in the act, he was very sure that they were from having sex.
“I could not hold my temper after I found them in a compromised state, so I punched him,” he said.
According to the Facts stated by the prosecutor, Moonga was ruthlessly assaulted by Muyuni after he found them walking together as he was coming from Church.
The facts further indicated that the woman started confiding in the other man about her marital problems when the man showed up and accused the two of being in an adulterous relationship.
Following his plea of guilty and asking for lenience that he has 10 children to look after from two wives, Magistrate Phiri discharged the accused person and advised him not to resort to violence when angered or provoked.


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