Familiarise with child protection

Mr Liomba

ZAMBIANS should familiarize themselves with the recently launched Child Online Protection Strategy, Southern Province Permanent Secretary Mwangala Liomba has advised.

Mr Liomba said the strategy was aimed at protecting children from online presence as they were fully recognized users of technology as well as the most vulnerable.
He said that it was for this reason that the citizens should familiarise themselves with the new Child Online Protection Strategy
Mr Liomba was speaking during the official opening of the 12th Annual General Conference for the Information and Communications Technology Association of Zambia (ICTAZ) in Livingstone yesterday.
“Let us all familiarize ourselves with the document that will help us protect our children even as we embrace the digital age,” he said.
Mr Liomba emphasised the need for the executive of the association to grow the membership of the across the country.
The Permanent Secretary called on all Zambians to be part of the digital transformation of a Smart Zambia citizens without leaving anyone be-hind.
“You remember the President emphasized that those that want to be ICT members who belongs to social media which is for everybody including the children that journalism is for those who are trained.
“I want to challenge this forum that can we come with means which we can now push to Parliament for a stiffer punishment to those who want to take advantage of those that were born before computers and start manipulating the systems,” he said.
ICTAZ president, Karim Tembo, challenged his members to remain relevant to their institutions in the new era.
Mr Tembo said that the future of Zambia was heavily dependent on ICT professionals.


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