NATSAVE intent on digitalisation

Mr Hamusute

NATSAVE bank is pursuing digitalisation as its strategic push towards offering convenience services while lowering the cost to serve.

The financial institution has meanwhile signed an agreement with the Association of Private Colleges of Education in Zambia (APCEZ) for afford-able financial services.
With about 40 percent of the Zambian population still unbanked, NATSAVE sees the gap as an opportunity to grow its business.
This is according to the NATSAVE acting Managing Director, Keith Hamusute.
Mr Hamusute said NATSAVE was well positioned to narrow financial exclusion gap considering its wide network covering the remotest parts of Zambia.
He was speaking in Lusaka during the signing of a Memorandum of understanding with APCEZ.
“Through many other strategic partnerships, the bank will provide incomparable services which are intended to service various market. The bank will also utilise the digital platform,” Mr Hamusute said.
He also said the agreement signed with APCEZ was to facilitate effective and efficient provisions of banking and financial services to the mem-bers and their staff.
He explained that this was with that view of enhancing business performance in terms of working capital and also improving their competitive-ness on the market.
“This agreement sets the framework for a working relationship between the two organisations that share a common vision for developing the pri-vate education sector in Zambia.
“This will enable colleges and their affiliates access affordable and appropriate financial products and services,” Mr Hamusute said.
APCEZ Chairman, Simon Chomba, said the agreement would enable the association’s members have ready access to financial and credit services of NATSAVE.
Mr Chomba said the association would identify and recommend its affiliates to NATSAVE.
“Our obligations as contained in the agreement will be consistent baseline assessment of members prior to recommending them to NATSAVE,” he said.


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