Theft of cow lands 2 Lusaka men in court


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TWO Lusaka men have been dragged to court for stealing a cow worth K7,500.

Appearing at the Lusaka magistrates court before magistrate Nsunge Chanda was Gibson Machiya and Patson Mulinda the accused.
Justin Kapelenge a police officer said he was allocated a docket of stock theft on November 25 2019.
He said Michael Malambo complained on behalf of his employer that a cow belonging to his boss had gone missing.
He said he instituted investigations and got information that Gibson Machiya and his brother had possession of the cow.
He said asked the neighborhood for information about the whereabouts of the two.
He said in December 2019, he received information that the two were in Lubwe village
He said he went to the village and found Machiya who led him to his mother’s house where his brother was.
He said the following morning he interviewed Machiya, his brother and their friend Patson Mulinda concerning the missing cow.
He said Machiya told him that he had gone to buy an animal when he met Universe Malambo on the way.
He said they started chatting and while there they saw a cow and agreed to steal it.
He said Machiya told him that the two agreed that Malambo keeps the cow and the following morning Machiya would pick it up and sell it.
He said Machiya told him that after selling the cow, he would give Malambo K2,500.
He said Machiya also revealed that while they were stealing the cow, they saw a bull which was following the cow and decided to steal it.
He said he asked Machiya to take him where Malambo was and they went together looking for him on the Kafue river.
He said he detained Machiya, his brother, Malambo and Mulinda.
He later released Machiya’s brother because he had not participated in the theft.
He said he charged Machiya, Malambo and Mulinda for the offence of stock theft.
He said Malambo was convicted after admitting the charge before the court.


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