FIRST TIME FOR XTRA MILES:Mercedes Benz cab ferries new-born baby


THE Extra Miles Lusaka Cab service marked yet another milestone by providing service to a Garden township mother as she returned home after giving birth. The taxi initiative set up by Zambia’s favourite Mayor on social media has continued to impress.

Mayor of Lusaka Miles Sampa has been active on Facebook showing hos civic, entrepreneural and philanthropic side while actively showcasing his light side on Boba TV he also pushed residents to persevere as the registered as voters. Chief Nyamphande stopped by the home of the Mayor, where the traditional leader disclosed that his math genius son was a fan.
At Xtra-Miles LusCab we get calls to pick up various clients but nothing excites us more when the said passenger is having their first time ever car ride in their life having been born a few hours earlier.
This week we were called and picked a Mother and baby boy from Coptic hospital to their home in Garden.
The feeling of according this newly borns a Mercedes Benz as their first car ride is priceless. We assume that will give them luck to own more of same cars when they grow up. The joy we see in the eyes of their mothers as we take them home inside our range of Mercedes Taxis is equally priceless.
LusCab is avaialble for all other errands.
Today we however fully booked for two Weddings but thereon we can be called on 0760116818.
Together We Can
MBS28.11.2020, 2pm


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