Prosecution delay disappoints court


THE Choma Magistrate’s Court has expressed disappointment at the delay by the State to issue instructions in a case involving four men accused of murder.

Resident Magistrate Selia Kanunka expressed dismay at the delay by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions to issue instructions from March 2020 when the matter first came up for explanation of the charge.
In this matter, Christopher Moono, 20, a barber, Thomas Munkombwe, 26, a businessman, George Mambo, 40, also a businessman and Steadwell Mudenda, 27, a welder are charged with two counts of murder contrary to the laws of Zambia.
Allegations in the first count are that the four jointly and whilst acting together in Choma murdered a person identified only as Jose.
In the second count, it is alleged that the four murdered Leonard Simukope.
The incidents are said to have happened on May 9, 2019 in Choma.
State Prosecutor Coillard Sikwalulwa informed the court that instructions had not yet been received from the office of the DPP when the matter came up for mention.
This did not sit in well with the magistrate and she enquired as to what has caused the delay to which the State responded that the police have not sent back the file or docket to the National Prosecution’s Authority.
Magistrate Kanunka then said she would take it upon herself to send the record direct to the DPPs office through the Clerk of Court.
The four are in custody at the Choma Correctional Facility.


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