Python Skin earns man 5 years jail term


Mulenga Musonda writes
A man of Kalomo has been sentenced to 5 years imprisonment with hard labour each in three counts for illegal possession of a Python skin among other trophies that were to be used in suspected money rituals.

Clever Sibajene, 37, was convicted by Resident Magistrate Ethel Phiri when he pleaded guilty to all the charges of Unlawful Possession of Government Protected Animal Trophies contrary to the Laws of Zambia.
Particulars of the offences in all the three counts are that Clever Sibajene, Godwin Siamulonzia and Ntenda Ntowezi jointly and whilst acting together had in their possession 3 Genet Skins, 4 Pangolin Scales and 1 Python Skin without Certificates of ownership or licenses
The three were apprehended on November 20 at a named lodge in Choma when they were in the middle of the rituals chanting.
When the matter came up for plea before the Choma Magistrates Court, all the accused persons understood the charge read to them by the Court through the Interpreter Luckson Sibalwa in Tonga the language they said they understood better.
Sibajene pleaded guilty while his two co accused denied the charge against them compelling the Court to enter pleas of not guilty in their respect.
According to the facts stated by Public Prosecutor Pearson Chilumbu the three were apprehended at a named lodge as they were conducting a money multiplication ritual popular known as blasting.
Magistrate Phiri sentenced Sibajene to 5 years in each count with hard labour,to run concurrently.
Trial for Siamulonzia and Ntowezi was set for a later date after the two were granted bail.


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