Boy sent for counselling for stealing


THE Lusaka magistrates court has ordered a boy to undergo counselling at PRISCCA for three months
This was in a matter before magistrate Nsunge Chanda where the boy is accused of breaking into a shop and stealing a camera and other property worth K6,200.

The boy pleaded for mercy from the court saying he was sorry for what he did and that he wants to return to school.
His mother asked the court to forgive her son because he helps her at home.
She said she was surprised with what her son did because he is a quiet boy and never misbehaves.
The social welfare officer asked the court to forgive the boy as he is a first offender and has shown remorse over his actions.
She said the boy is young and able to reform.
Magistrate Chanda told the boy not to cry and that before he went to steal in that shop he should have thought of what would happen if he was caught and how she would feel.
Magistrate Chanda said the neighbors will start saying that his mother has a son who is thief.
The court ordered the boy to undergo counselling for three months at PRISCCA.


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