Man dragged to court for K6,900 goods


RABECCA BANDA writes@SunZambian
A LUSAKA man has been dragged to court for stealing assorted items worth K 6,971.

This was a matter before magistrate Felix Kaoma in which Nature Kalaluka 30 of Mtendere is in June 2020 alleged to have received assorted clothes, shoes, solar panel, handbags property of Esther Nanyangwe entrusted to him in exchange of bags of maize.
Facts were that Nanyangwe gave Kalaluka the listed items as per indictment to exchange with bags off maize that he was supposed to return to her but failed to do so.
Magistrate: where you given the listed items?
Kalaluka: Yes.
Magistrate: in what capacity did you get the items?
Kalaluka: She sent me to exchange for her.
Magistrate: what were you supposed to do with the materials?
Kalaluka: I was supposed to exchange the items with bags of maize and give them to her.
Magistrate: Did you do that?
Kalaluka: No I failed to give her all the bags of maize.
Magistrate: why did you not deliver the bags of maize?
Kalaluka: I gave her three bags of maize and remaining bags I didn’t give her because I sold some of the materials on credit and I have not received the money.
Magistrate: Where you allowed to use the money?
Kalaluka: No.
The matter was adjourned for judgment.


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