Assault lands man in trouble

File Photo: Lusaka Magistrate Court.

Rabecca Banda writes


A Lusaka man has been dragged to court for assaulting another man.

Appearing at the Lusaka magistrates court before magistrate Chinunda Chiwaula was Daniel Mweenya 30 a student of Ibex Hill accused of assaulting Bernard Zulu causing him actual bodily harm..

Particulars of the offence before the court were that Mweenya  on November 4 2020 allegedly assaulted Zulu.

Mwenya who took plea before magistrate Chiwaula admitted the charge.

He explained that he punched the complainant on the right side of the face with a fist and  the face became swollen.

Magistrate: why did you punch him?

Mwenya: it was out of self defence, it was not my intention to hurt him.

Magistrate: Did he allow you to punch him?

Mwenya: No he did not.

Magistrate: are you allowed to hit a person or cause bodily harm to them.

Mwenya: No when I hit him, I made a mistake and I regret it.

Mweenya apologised to court for his actions towards the complainant.

The court adjourned the matter for facts, record and sentencing while his bail is extended.


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