Fish mongers appeal for relief package



AN association of fish mongers in Mombova area in Sekute Chiefdom of Kazungula District has appealed to Government to consider empowering members with start-up grants during the fish ban period.

This is in order for them to venture into other businesses as they entirely depend on fishing as a source of their livelihood.

In an interview with The Sun in Livingstone, Association Chairperson, Judith Mainga, said the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic and the effect of fish ban has had a negative impact on their business.

Government imposes a fish ban from December 1 to March 1 of the following year to allow breeding and preserving species.

She said onc members were given start-up grants, there would be no reason for any fish monger to engage in illegal fishing during the ban.

Ms Mainga said that fish mongers had been left with no means of survival as they were only dependent on fishing and fish trading.

She added that empowering them with some start up grants would help alleviate the pressure that has come with Covid-19 and fish ban.

Ms Mainga said that most her members are willing to be entrepreneurs but lack financial support.

She said that if members of the association are empowered, it will help reduce poverty in their families and communities.


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