Lusaka mogul buys Rolls Royce


The owner of Burma Car Wash, Chiza Gondwe, the man behind the controversial tender to supply 46 4×4 vehicle to the Judiciary has reportedly bought himself a Rolls Royce.

Mr Gondwe is said to have gone ahead to import the 46 vehicles even before the contract has not been signed.

His elder brother Kennedy, reportedly  revealed that the Rolls Royce was not purchased using the proceeds from the Ministry of Justice contract as government has not paid him a dime.

In November, Sarago General Dealers which owne Burma Car Wash landed a US$ 1 million contract to deliver 46 brand new 4×4 vehicles to the Judiciary.

The little known form landed the lucrative deal after beating well established motor vehicle firms such as Toyota Zambia, Southern Cross Motors and Hazida Motors including Tata Zambia.

According to the tender requirements, Sarago General Dealers was to deliver the vehicles within two to four weeks from November 10th, the date on which the tender was awarded.

But as revealed by his brother, the vehicles have landed in Zambia but they are not yet been deliver to the Judiciary because the contract has not yet been signed.

“Yet again, Chiza Gondwe, my young brother is at the center of falsehoods after his company – Serago General Dealers – won a tender to supply vehicles to the Judiciary of the Republic of Zambia.

Here are a few facts: 1, To this day, Serago General Dealers, has not received any penny from the government for the cars in question. Infact, Serago General Dealers has NOT even yet signed the contract for the supply of the cars.”

“Instead, the company has taken a business risk and proceeded to procure the cars, using its other resources, as it awaits the sign of the contract and the subsequent payment,” he said.

“The decision to go ahead and procure the cars for the Judiciary (even before money exchanged hands) was to further show capacity to deliver and impress a new client – the government.”

He said some the vehicles have already started arriving in the country adding that this is the FIRST time that Serago General Dealers is conducting business with the Government of the Republic of Zambia.

“Chiza Gondwe is not a politician. The Rolls Royce in question was actually bought a long time ago, way before Serago General Dealers won the tender for the Judiciary. Records are there to prove this fact. At the same time that Chiza Gondwe bought the Rolls Royce, he also bought himself a McLaren.”

He added, “And there is a thin line where we run the risk of being misunderstood or show off, but for the avoidance of any doubt and in setting the record straight, we have taken this unprecedented move to share the cars, which are a private property, with the public to show that Chiza Gondwe has long collected cars as per his hobby.”

The following are some of the cars Chiza Gondwe allegedly owns:

Hummer H2

Lexus sc 430



Rolls Royce

Shelby Cobra


BMW M6 Mercedes SL 65 Black series


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