Legalize prostitution- Kabwe Lawyer pleads


A KABWE prominent Lawyer has called upon law makers to legalise prostitution to reduce cases of sexual offences.
Mulilo Kabesha said he is worried that despite offenders given stiffer punishments by the courts of law, sexual offences are still high in the country.
the Kabwe based Lawyer was reacting to a 30 year sentence slapped on a 61 years old Mumbwa man who defiled a minor.
“If prostitution was legalized the man might have gone for them and reserve the young girls who are going through trauma in their lives,” Mr Kabesha noted.
He stressed that as long as prostitution continues to be an illegal act, sexual related offences will still be on the increase.
Mr Kabesha elaborated that legalizing prostitution will give relief to men with sexual appetite as long as fees are reasonable.
He further explained that prostitution is an old profession which has existed for far too long and the law makers should not deliberately give it a blind eye because it exists and all it needs is some legislation to back it up.


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