Govt tackling army worms – Katambo

Michael Katambo

Government has provided 90,000  liters of chemicals to be distributed to areas that have been ravaged by fall army worm, Agriculture Minister Micheal Katambo has disclosed.

Mr Katambo said his ministry has received reports of fall army worm infestation in scanty places and as such responded quickly.

“As government we are alert to  reports of army worm infestation in maize fields since issues border on food security , as such we have bought chemicals that will be distributed to areas of need to combat the paste infestation “ he said .

ZANIS reports that Mr Katambo who is also Masaiti Member of parliament has further appealed to all agriculture extension field officers to be vigilant and report all army worm infestation.

“ I would like to appeal to all field extension officers to report all fall army worm ravaged areas to the ministry so that chemicals are supplied to the affected areas in good time to prevent damage to the crops” he indicated.

The Agriculture Minister speaking in an interview at the weekend  was positive that the country will remain food secure, with the quick intervention into the fall army worm infestation coupled with other factors.

“The reports of Army worms ravaging especially maize fields does not threaten the food security due the interventions taken, additionally the country has recorded good rainfall patterns this year” he explained.

He further said the government distributed farming inputs in good time and that the onus was on the farmers to ensure that there was food security both at household and national level.

Mr Katambo said the Patriotic Front government is on course in spearheading national security enhanced by the support given to farmers. There have been reports of fall army worms ravaging maize fields in selected parts of the country.


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