Kasama peasant farmer jailed 20 years for defiling step-daughter




A PEASANT farmer aged 42 has been sentenced to 20 years imprisonment with hard labour, for defiling his 15-year-old step-daughter by the Kasama High Court.

The convict, Davies Mubanga of Mulenga Wachibungu village was charged with defilement which resulted for having unlawful carnal knowledge of the girl on two separate incidences.

When the matter came up for sentencing on Friday, Justice Yvonne Chembe established that the victim became pregnant and was infected with a sexually transmitted disease.

She established that the minor who was a first witness in the case narrated that on unknown dates but in May last year, her step-father went with her in the bush to collect fire wood and that while in the bush he grabbed and defiled her and threatened to kill her in an event that she tells anyone about what transpired.

Justice Chembe also established that on the second incident her step-father did the same, but that she revealed to her mother some days after noticing that she was pregnant and discovered that she was having some pains in her private parts.

Meanwhile, Justice Chembe also sentenced Fred Chanda a peasant farmer of Mungwi to 15 years imprisonment for defiling a 13-year-old girl on September 2, 2020 and gave her K10, as an inducement not to reveal to her parents.

However, Chanda was caught red-handed defiling the minor by a passer-by in a bush around 18:00 hours and that he was therefore apprehended and reported to police.


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