THE SUN: Briefly tell us about yourself?
Hon Sichone: My name is Malozo Bennie Matube Sichone, was born in Luanshya of the Copperbelt on 13th August, 1978 in the family of five; three boys and two girls.
I am married with five beautiful kids.
I started grade one at Mwenitawa Primary School in Isoka in 1984, did my secondary education at Isoka Boys Secondary School from 1991 to 1996 and later went to Zambia College of Agriculture (ZCA) in Mpika district to study General Agriculture.
Whilst at ZCA I was elected union president.
Later in 2008 I joined Caritas, a Catholic organisation as agriculture coordinator and continued to study for Bachelors Degree in Development Studies.
I further went to study at Wangenigen University in Netherlands where I studied Competing Claims on Natural Resources.
THE SUN: When did you join politics and what inspired you?
Hon Sichone: I joined politics immediately after completing my secondary education and I was elected district secretary in the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD).
In 2000 I applied for adoption to contest as member of Parliament. Unfortunately, I was not adopted and got expelled from MMD, probably because I was seen as a threat to the incoming MP.
Desire to see Isoka develop is what inspired me to join politics.
You know Isoka is one of the oldest districts in the country and had lagged in development that time.
I remember how then Republic Vice-President Nevers Mumba at public rally likened it to a place recovering from war due to lack development.
From this background I decided to join politics so that I could contribute to the development of the district and the country at large.
THE SUN: What do you hope to accomplish personally and for the constituency?
Hon Sichone: I want to see that lives and welfare of people in Isoka are improved and all projects that have been started are completed. I will leave office of MP a very satisfied person if I leave Isoka better than I found it.
I want Isoka to be a well-organised town with good roads, improved access to water and sanitation and increased access to quality education for the growing population.
I also want to see to it that Isoka has a community television station to improve people’s access to information and in the long run contribute to cultural preservation.
THE SUN: What are some of the achievements you have scored since you were voted into office?
Hon Sichone: Quite a number of projects have been done since I was elected member of Parliament in 2011 such as facilitating the completion of Isoka District Hospital, which was under construction for 11 years, 200 boreholes have been drilled from 2011 to date, initiating the construction of Michael Sata Girls Secondary School which is currently at 70 percent completion and opening of Isoka Trades School.
Others are upgrading and constructionof seven secondary schools namely Kampumbu, Nzoche, Kapililonga, Kalungu, Sansamwenje, Ntipo and Kafwimbi.
I also facilitated the connection of Kafwimbi to the national electricity grid and construction of health posts.
Upgrading of township roads to bituminous standard and erection of street lights. Achievements are too numerous to mention them all it would take us the whole day to finish.
THE SUN: What are the major challenges facing your area and how can these be resolved?
Hon Sichone: Unemployment among young people resulting to abuse of alcohol is one of the major challenges my constituency is facing.
Lack of youth and women empowerment is another challenge that people in my constituency are facing.
These challenges need collective and participation and youths should move away from seeking white collar jobs to industrialisation. My office will embark on massive sensitisation and engagement on the need for the youths to utilise the available natural resources to create jobs for themselves.
I mean we have a lot of natural resources that our youths can use create business opportunities with very little capital needed.
There is also need to discourage our youths from the dependence syndrome which has proved to be the major contributing factor to lack of innovation among them.
THE SUN: What keeps you going as an MP?
Hon Sichone: First of all I draw inspiration from God because I believe he has always been with me throughout this journey despite the challenges that I face along the way, support from the republican President, His excellency Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, the confidence that the people of Isoka have in me has also been helped to keep wanting to work hard even when others are sleeping and finally the support that I get from the Church and my family keeps me going.
THE SUN: Is the constituency demanding? If so kindly share with us.
Hon Sichone: Constituency work is extremely demanding. Imagine I have over 100 adult people that need my attention and support at least once a month with various problems ranging from paying school fees for their children, funerals, farming inputs and construction of their houses among other numerous problems.
People have financial challenges and you are seen as their hope.
THE SUN: What development plans do you have for your constituency?
Hon Sichone: I want to see to it that construction of Michael Chilufya Sata Girls Secondary School is completed, construct a school and a clinic at Mwaiseni, provide more borehole to improve people’s access to clean and safe drinking water and ensure that the entire district is covered by mobile communication network.
I also want to facilitate the completion of seven health posts of the 650 government is constructing countrywide and improve production and production of rice in the district.
Constructing a modern market and establishing a community television station and generally improve the welfare of youths in the district are part of my future plans for the constituency.
THE SUN: What are your future aspirations in terms of politics?
Hon Sichone: I plan to contest Isoka parliamentary seat again in 2021 if given the mandate by the people who elected me and, of course, the party PF. I have been very content being member of Parliament and I intend to start grooming someone to take over from me once I retire from active politics.

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