Prisoner holding metal cage in jail, no freedom concept

FIVE people have been arrested in Lavushimanda district in Muchinga Province for trespassing on a burial site, Muchinga Commissioner of Police Joel Njasa has said.
Mr Njase said the five suspects allegedly trespassed on the grave of Antony Kasale who died last year on December 24 and was buried the following day, December 25, 2019 around 10:00 hours in Muwele Village in Chief Chiundaponde’s area.
In an interview with the Sun, Mr Njase said after Kasale was put to rest on December 25 last year, around 22:00 hours a man only identified as Mr Bwale was coming from a drinking spree when he met six known people carrying a coffin from the graveyard heading to a different direction.
“Among them was Kapota Chikonde, Chipulu Tito, Chibesa Kawele, Chate Mwanda, Mukanga Kamima and Ng’andwe Chisandi all from the same village.
“The six suspects promised they would pay Mr Bwale a sum of K8,000 and that the matter should not be reported to anybody,” Mr Njase said.
He said the victim’s body was reburied using magic and the following day, December 26, Mr Bwale was paid K800.
Mr Njase said later five of the culprits were apprehended and that one suspect, Kapota Chikonde, was still on the run and was believed to be the mastermind of the desecration of Kasale’s grave and remains.
He said the offence was trespassing of a burial ground and that they even paid someone money which showed that the suspects tampered with the grave site.

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