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Lusaka Sun Newspapers Limited (Lusaka Sun) is a private company registered under the Companies Act, Chapter 388 of the Laws of Zambia as repealed by the Companies Act 10 of 2017. It is also registered as a Newspaper/Periodical under the National Archives Act, Chapter 175 of the Laws of Zambia. It is the most progressive newspaper on the Zambian market. It is an innovative newspaper with streamlined journalism bringing you a professional newspaper that provides accurate news on a daily basis in an unprecedented manner. It focuses on non-political issues which are nonetheless essential for the development of the country.

Mission Statement

At Lusaka Sun Newspapers Limited we have unprecedented news coverage. We adhere to the highest professional standards and conduct our business with the sole purpose of promoting stake holders interest and the public in general.


To provide reliable information to the public from credible sources. Lusaka Sun has a vison to provide a newspaper that is relatable to all. To pursue and achieve excellence in the conduct of our business.

Management Structure

The management team at Lusaka Sun comprises Competent Directors, Journalists, Graphic Artists, Editors, Accountants, a skillful legal department and support staff. The business of the company is conducted with integrity whilst maintaining an environment which promotes growth of the staff and the business.

Phone: +260 963867719

Email: editor@thezambiansun.com


Phone: +260 962178197

Email: editor@thezambiansun.com

Twitter: @thezambiansun


Physical Address

Plot No F18 Show Grounds,

Lusaka, Zambia

P.O. Box 34553


+260 962178197


+260 962178197


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