A BUSINESSWOMAN of Helen Kaunda has divorced her husband at the Boma Local Court in Lusaka for being an absent family man and abusive.

This was heard in a case in which Christine Ngulube, 38, sued Frank Bwalya, 48, of Kamwala South for divorce for being an absent father and husband.

Ngulube told senior local court magistrate Petronella Kalyelye that all she wanted was divorced from her husband.

“We started having problems when our first born was about six months. My husband used to physically abuse me but I overlooked it,” Ms Ngulube said. 

She said her husband would go out with friends, come home drunk and whenever she tried to control him, he would beat her.

“Alcohol and his friends became a problem and started destroying our marriage. When talked to by relatives, he would change for about two months but the same behaviour of abuse and alcohol continued,

“In 2017, I told him I would report him to police because the beatings were becoming too much and at one point he beat me up while I was naked in front of our two sons. The same year, he told me he was going for business. He left home and never came back,” she said.

She was forced to send her sons to Choma where her sister volunteered to sort out their school issues.

“Their performance at school was affected because their father was never there and we never really knew what was going on with him,

“There has never been an apology for his behavior or his absence and even my son had a partial stroke because of the same attitude of his dad. We’ve been on separation for close to three years,” she said.

In defence, Bwalya told the court that when he left home to go and do business in Nakonde, the owner of the vehicle they were travelling in was caught and he was implicated in the ensuing issues. 

“We were put in cells and I stayed for six months without coming back to Lusaka because I was in and out of court. But within a month, I managed to find a phone and call her to explain what had happened,

“I lost all my capital while I was that side and when I came back to Lusaka, I moved in with my brother because she told me the place she was staying at was too small,” Bwalya said.

The court found that there was physical abuse, alcoholism and unreasonable behavior from Bwalya.

Divorce was granted and magistrate Kalyelye ordered Bwalya to maintain his children with K1, 000 monthly and pay their school fees.

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