A MAID of Kamwala site and service who was dragged to court for allegedly poisoning breakfast prepared for her boss and her children has failed to avail herself before the Lusaka High Court for plea

Naomi Muyemba is charged with maliciously administering poison with intent to harm.

When the matter came up for plea before Lusaka High Court judge Ruth Chipabuka, Muyemba was not before court as she was reported to be on bail and currently in Chibombo.

The State however, said it would secure her attendance before court today.

Particulars of the offense are that on July 6 2019, Ms Muyemba with intent to harm, maliciously administered unknown poison to four slices of bread and fried eggs meant for her boss Petronella Mukumbakwa.

It is alleged that on the material day, Ms Mukumbakwa, a manager at TATA Zambia limited discovered a black substance in power form on the four slices of bread and eggs Ms Myemba packed for her breakfast.

According to police documents, on the material day between 06:00 and 08:00 Ms Mukumbwaka was at her residence in Kamwala site and service.

She started preparing for work despite having family dispute with her husband Johnathan Banda.

Mukumbwaka asked her husband if he was going to have breakfast, he answered in the negative and that he was fasting.

She started preparing herself for work and by the time she was done her maid Muyemba had finished preparing her breakfast and because she was late, she could not eat but carried the breakfast.

While driving on Chilimbulu road she removed the lunch box so that she could eat the food.

Surprising to her, she noticed some black substance on the slice of bread and fried eggs and immediately stopped eating it and continued with her journey.

After investigations into the matter, a black powder was found in Muyembas small purse.

She later too the substance to the food and drugs laboratory at the university teaching Hospital where it was tested and indicating that it was poisonous.

Muyemba was later apprehended in connection with the offence and after being interrogated, she denied the charge.

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