I don’t know what language I can use to educate by Bemba Mbuyas to stop using mosquito for catching fish,

So allow me to share my concerns with Chief Chimba of the Bemba speaking people of Mungwi district who have correctly warned people in his area to avoid using mosquito nets for fishing.

Again I concur with Chief Chimba that government is currently spending huge sums of money to ensure that people are provided with nets to help in the reduction of malaria cases in the district.

Just why should these people abuse these nets instead of using from them for unintended purposes?

Government is spending millions in malaria fighting programmes as well as treatment and misuse of these nets in that fashion is just not on.

Unfortunately it is not only the people of Northern Province involved in such practices but in many other parts of Zambia.

Can Zambians please stop this practice if Zambia is to become a malaria-free nation by 2030?


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