THE Chelstone Local Court has dismissed a defamation claim between two bricklayers because of lack of sufficient evidence and consequently reconciled the warring parties.

This is a case in which a 59year old bricklayer of Mtendere East, Nason Phiri sued his fellow brick layer, Moses  Sakala 39, for calling him a witch.

Phiri told Presiding Magistrate Mary Namangala that on was October 15 Sakala came to complain to him about the issue of money.

“We had a misunderstanding and that when we started quarreling I ran away to the police station to avoid him. He called me a witch that I sleep with women in their dreams,

“He said and that I can go anywhere I want because he has better charms than me,” Phiri he said.

In defence Sakala denied ever calling Sakala a wizard and that he was even shocked when he went to the police to report him because they were close workmates.

On hearing statements from both parties, the court reconciled them and told them to live in harmony.

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