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A NON- GOVERNMENTAL Organization called Building Futures (BF), has partnered with rural communities to engage school going children in a tree planting project to mitigate the effects of Climate Change.

BF founder and director, George Chipango said his organisation had seen need to partner with various communities to identify rural areas lacking access to education due to lack of schools.

Mr Chipango said that BF had been building schools for communities in rural areas, as well as championing the planting of trees cause in parts where it built schools.

In an interview with the Sun, Mr. Chipango said that as result of lack of schools in some rural areas, his organization had been partnering with members of communities in those areas to build and sometimes to renovate already existing infrastructures.

He said that it was for that reasons that BF had also been encouraging and inculcating a habit of planting trees by school children.

“BF is currently building a 2 x 2 classroom block with a library and an office in Mulambo Village of Chikankata District where we have also launched a tree planting exercise,  “The tree planting project is called ‘plant with the young’ , which we launched on November 9 and our motto as an organization is “Every child  must attend school,” Mr Chipango said.

Mr Chipango further said that this organization decided to launch the tree planting exercise at the Mulambo community school so that it act as role model for other schools.

“The launch was done at the community school so that it becomes a role model as we roll it out to other communities and villages,

“We decided to venture in this project so as to combat the effects of climate change which is as a result of trees that are taken out from these villages for charcoal burning. So we teach these kids on the importance of growing trees,”” Mr Chipango said.

Mr Chipango further said that BF had been teaching children the importance of growing trees so that they may grow up with the same mentality even in their adulthood.

Building Futures has been partnering with rural communities since its inception in 2009 and has helped in building some community schools in rural parts of Zambia.

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