A businessman of Lusaka’s Matero Township left the Boma Local Court disappointed after his allegations that a fellow businessman insulted him were thrown out.

This was heard in a case in which Collins Chanda, 35 sued Prince Malama claiming the latter insulted him after buying a suit from him.

Chanda told Senior Local Court Magistrate Mpundu Fwambo that

Last year in October, he sold a suit to Malama.

He said the following month, Malama called to tell him that he wanted a different suit from the one delivered.

“He told me he wanted a grey one and not the black one. I told him he could come and exchange it if he wanted. At this point he started arguing with me and insulted me,

“He insulted me badly and told me I can take whatever action I want,” Chanda said.

In defence Malama who denied the allegations told the court that he only shouted at him.

He said he got a grey suit from Chanda and gave him K50 for the suit to be taken to the laundry.

“After I got it back, I didn’t check it immediately. I later discovered that it was exchanged for a black suit that I didn’t choose at first,

“I shouted at him but not once did I insult him,”

He gave me a black suit that was even big and not the slim fit grey one I chose. I called him a thief because he gave me a wrong suit,” he said.

Chanda: Didn’t you insult me and told me I can go wherever I wanted?

Malama: I didn’t insult you but I called you a thief.

Chanda: Didn’t you insult my mother and my manhood?

Malama: No I didn’t 

Magistrate Fwambo: Did you insult him?

Malama: We exchanged words and I shouted at him. All I said was that he was a thief and he’s from the streets because I was upset.

The court found that there were no insults on record and threw out the claim.

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