LUSAKA’S Katwizi Ground in the heart of Misisi Township, being home to the one of the most followed teams in the southern part of the capital, has not been spared from the drenching effects of the of the continuous down pour experienced lately.
The pitch that plays home ground for community and lower league football matches has become a field some mud and pools of flooded water.
Division One Provincial League side Misisi Academy coach Younson Simpamba told the Sun Sport that the change in calendar had come with some inefficiencies as rain and muddy water have made it unbearable for his team to perform well.
Simpamba said that his team was affected because each time it rained the pitch became difficult for his players to play from and that the balls were easily damaged in the process.
He said that they were facing challenges due to the water logged pitch and that had made it impossible to consistently have their practice sessions.
He further noted that it had become too difficult to maintain the playing feild as it now also affected the system of play for his team.
Simpemba said the continuous down pour that had been witnessed in the last two weeks had affected the team’s training schedule as the pitch had become unplayable.
“The change in calendar has affected us through the pitch and balls get damaged, so we are getting a lot of challenges because of water on the pitch , the system of play with this type of pitch becomes difficult for the players who get injured and also boots get damaged,” Simpemba said.
“This continuous rain has affected our training sessions because we don’t have much time to practice so it affects the players and us the coaches because we can’t make a strong team because we need to have a strategy and system of play.”
The Misisi township team is on 10 position in the Provincial League that was introduced in the 2019/20 season after the re-alignment of the calendar.

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