Chelstone Local Court - Picture by LUCY PHIRI



A 39 YEAR OLD woman of Mtendere Township has sued her husband of 25 years in the Chelstone Local Court for divorce alleging that he is a womaniser who abandoned her for five years.

Loedgence Mwilu, 39, sued her husband Lotti Tembo, 42, a barber man of the same township for divorce.

Mwilu told presiding magistrate Mary Namangala that the two got married in 1994 and have four children but dowry was not paid.

She said since then they had been having misunderstanding in their matrimonial home.

 “I was shocked to see my name in his phone saved as ‘Mutinta daughter’ instead of wife,” Mwilu said

She said that her husband is a womanizer who has another woman besides been married to her.

“My husband married another woman despite been married to me, at one point I went to see this other woman after hearing rumors only to receive the shock of my life after that he told her that he wasn’t a married man,

“He dumped me at his relatives place since we were chased from the house we were renting, it is now five years that I have been with his relatives, and  whenever i call him for children support he doesn’t pick my calls or respond to my texts messages not knowing that he married another woman,’’ Mwilu said.

She was tired of living in such a marriage where one partner had moved on and so she wanted court to divorce them.

In defence Tembo denied the allegations, saying his wife was the cause of all the problems because she slept in clothes at night.

“My wife sleeps in clothes and claims she does so because she is scared of cockroaches that they might enter her private parts,

“We quarrel a lot and family has tried to sit us down but no solution could be found, hence let her will be done’’

But on hearing from both parties and learning that dowry was not paid, the court dismissed the claim for divorce because the couple only lived as girlfriend and boyfriend.

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