ZESCO Limited has switched load-shedding hours to day time on the Copperbelt to assist in enhancing security at night in the region.
ZESCO Public Relations Manager Hazel Zulu in a statement told the Sun that the power company has partnered with the Zambia Police to assist in enhancing security by ensuring that there is more power supply during night time in residential areas owing to the spate of criminal activities recorded in the area.
Ms Zulu said load shedding would be implemented more during day time from around 07:00 hours to 17:00 hours to ensure reliability of power supply in the night for security reasons.
“As a corporation we feel obliged to ensure that there is power supply in the night for easier movement and protection of the public,” Ms Zulus said.
She reminded customers to be prudent in the way they use power by ensuring they were using energy efficient lighting sources such as Light Emitting Diodes for their security lighting and to completely switch them off once there is adequate natural light.

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