SOCIAL media speculations are rife in the murder of CBU lecturer Dr Maximilian Mainza with the latest gossip implicating a friend.

According to a voice note that has gone viral on social media, a man claiming to know details of the tragedy alleges that the suspected killer never meant to kill the lecturer.

Apparently, the plan was to rob him after the friend had revealed that the don had K20, 000

Dr Mainza was reportedly stabbed to death and a female student, at Zambia Catholic University in Kalulushi he was with, raped in a night of misadventure.

What police have revealed so far, points at the lecturer being stabbed in the chest by a lone stranger who also raped a girl, aged 22 years, whom he (lecturer) was with at 02:30 hours yesterday?

Zambia Police Service public relations officer, Esther Katongo, confirmed the incident and identified the CBU lecturer as Dr Maximilian Mainza, of Kitwe’s Riverside area, who died after he was stubbed on the chest by a robber.

Ms Katongo said the female student, at Zambia Catholic University in Kalulushi, and the lecturer were attacked by a lone criminal who demanded for a K100.

She said the incident happened when Dr Mainza was dropping off the named student at her friend’s house in Nkana West.

“Police in Kitwe received reports of aggravated robbery, rape and murder from a female student at Kalulushi Catholic University, also of Kabundi in Chingola, that while she was being dropped off by Dr Maximilian Mainza, aged 36, of Riverside and a lecturer at CBU at her friend’s house in Nkana West in the early hours of today (yesterday), at around 02:30 hours, they were attacked by a lone criminal who demanded for a K100.

“After the confrontation, Dr Mainza is reported to have come out of the car, a Honda Accord station wagon, and challenged the criminal and in the process, Dr Mainza was stabbed on the left side of the chest. He however managed to get back to the vehicle, reversed and drove about 100 meters before he stopped the car and collapsed,” Ms Katongo said.

Ms Katongo said the criminal later followed, broke the driver’s window, opened the door and dragged the female victim out to a nearby unfinished structure where she was raped.

She said after raping the student, the robber later went back to the vehicle and got two phones, a laptop bag, two other bags and undisclosed amount of money and ran away.

But on Saturday police picked the prime suspect Chiluba Mwale, 25, who is now helping police with investigations.

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