THE 12-year-old boy, Fabian Muleya, who was admitted to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) with cerebral palsy, has died.

Fabian’s mother Mutinta Muleya confirmed that her son died on Jan 1 around 13:00 hours.

In an interview with the Sun, Ms Muleya, thanked God for the time she spent with her child.

She said Fabian was born at UTH 12 years ago, but did not cry at the time of his birth and that everything appeared normal and ok.

He was however taken to D Block and stayed in hospital for seven weeks and was later discharged.

She said when they went home, the child appeared just ok until he reached nine months old.

“He just woke up one day and could not stop crying. He cried day and night for a week and this resulted in him developing a soft neck and he consequently stopped sitting on his own.

“As parents, we were worried and consulted different people on what could be wrong with our child and what to do to improve the situation,” she said.

Ms Muleya said people gave them different advice such as the cousin to touch Fabian on his head so that he would get back to normal but everything they tried failed to work and his situation deteriorated.

She said one day a certain woman advised her to take the boy to UTH where he later developed fits and was put on medication and from that time, their child was not the same again.

Ms Muleya said they did everything possible to make the child get well but nothing worked until his death.

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