OWNERS of safari lodges, farmers, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Chiawa have been urged to employ locals in accordance with Zambia’s labour laws.

The call was made by Chiawa Ward youth Elliot Goledema who passionately appealed to investors not to ‘import’ labour when locals were readily available

In a statement, Mr Goledema said many organisations in Chiawa employed expatriates as general managers and other key positions while qualified Zambians were not considered at all.

 Mr. Goledema said that the new labour law enacted three months ago says “where an organisations employ a foreigner they must furnish the government by proving Zambia does not have such qualified people”.

“I therefore call upon all the institutions to abide to this law by ensuring what Zambians can do be given to them. We cannot just be relegated to small jobs such as tour guides, waiters, chefs, room attendants, cleaners, boatmen and gardeners or else we will begin to unleash a consolidated list of culprit organisations”, said Mr. Goledema.

He charged that those foreign employees externalized their salaries hence did not develop Zambia.

“But if a local resident of Chiawa is employed will develop Zambia by investing locally and greatly contribute to social and economic development of communities and the nation as a whole,” he said

Mr. Goledema called on the labour commissioner both in Kafue and Lusaka to ensure they followed the matter with keen interest.

He warned of court action against offenders so that the people of Chiawa got the jobs they deserved.

Mr. Goledema has further urged that all recruitments done in Chiawa be extended to the people in very far areas such as Chisakila, Malabanyika, Gota-Gota, Kambale and Mulangwa.

He said employers must not just employ people from nearby villages such as Mugulameno and Kabbwadu in Chiawa central but must involve all bonafide members of Chiawa community.

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