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THERE was total silence in a Lusaka local court when a woman sued for divorce for refusing to return home after separation testified that she left the matrimonial home after her husband told her to kill one of their children so that they become rich.

Dora Musopelo, 42 told Kanyama Local Court Senior Magistrates Abbyshine Michelo, Mubukwanu Matakala and Esther Mulomba that she then asked her husband why they should kill a child when they already have a house and a shop.

She said her husband responded that he wanted vehicles adding that after she refused he became violent towards her.  Musopelo was testifying in a case in which her husband Peter Mbewe, 47 of Kanyama Township sued her for divorce after separating for three years. Mbewe married Musopelo in 1993 after paying dowry and they have seven children together.

Mbewe told the court that problems started in 2017 after Musopelo told him to go to Chipata but he refused and explained to her that they should first prepare.

He said a certain man sold goods to Musopelo but his relatives got upset and accused him of having an affair with her after which they collected the goods but Musopelo sold all goods in the shop and went to Chipata.

“I followed Musopelo to Chipata and asked her to come back home on two occasions but she refused. I sent children to tell her to come back but she still refused. Musopelo only came on November 29, 2019 when I wanted to marry another woman whom I eventually married,’’ Mbewe said.

Mbewe said he had to take his new wife to his parents because children fought him.

Musopelo however pleaded that she still wanted to continue her marriage with Mbewe so that they could raise children together.

She told the court that she left the matrimonial home after Mbewe told her in 2016 that they should kill one child so that they become rich.

But Mbewe retorted that Musopelo was telling the court lies because he could not kill his own child and that he only wanted divorce since he already married another woman.

The court said the long separation showed that the marriage was already dissolved because married people should stay together.

The court granted divorce without compensation but Mbewe was ordered to be paying children maintenance fee of K500 per month and households acquired together to be shared equally.

It further ordered that the house to be sold within 90 days and proceeds shared equally.

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