THE emergence of vendors selling already registered SIM cards in Chirundu has worried the local administration which has called on police to move in quickly.

District commissioner Stafford Kayame said the matter had not settled well in the area and appealed to police to apprehend any vendor found selling registered SIM cards.

Mr Kayame said the situation posed security risks because foreigners could easily access the SIM cards while the vendors were only interested in making more money.

He explained that the reason government required all phone owners to register their phone was to easily track a person for security reasons and appealed to vendors to do the right thing as patriotic citizens .

Some concerned residents of Chirundu Central Ward have expressed displeasure over some mobile SIM card vendors who are selling already registered cards to unsuspecting members of public.

Mr David Kalubemba, a local businessman expressed serious concern and urged the vendors to desist from the act because it was criminal.

“Some vendors are selling already registered SIM cards at a higher fee to the public mostly to foreigners from Zimbabwe ater they enter Zambia,

“I bought MTN SIM card from a vendor and it is registered in some one’s name and has an active mobile money wallet, this is very dangerous” said Mr Kalubemba.

Mr Kalubemba said it was very difficult to replace such a card and to even trace a person in case of an emergency.

He said mobile network providers should explain to the public why they were not acting on such cases reported in the district.

He said according to the law in Zambia everyone cell phone owner was supposed to register and give correct details of their phone and SIM cards.

And Ms Mutinta Nyambe said it is very sad that the trend had been ignored for a long and people think it was okay to buy already registered SIM cards from vendors on the street.

Meanwhile, Chirundu police station officer in Charge Mr Mike Mwanza said there was peace in Chirundu as police had continued with their foot night patrols.

But some anonymous citizens have cautioned other members of the public to be wary a group of rascals believed to have come from Lusaka now terrorizing Chirundu.

The brigands were reported to be grabbing phones, wallets and other valuables for people while moving in groups.

Police were following up the matter.

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