Chirundu council chairman Mr. Robison Sianduba speaks to locals at the dumpsite.



SOME residents of Chirundu central ward with a tendency of scavenging for expired products that are disposed by different institutions at the dumpsite in Choonga village have worried the local leadership.

Chirundu council chairman Mr. Robison Sianduba has since cautioned the residents to desist from such tendencies.

Speaking when he visited the dumpsite to appreciate the challenges of residents who flocked there, Mr. Sianduba warned them about serious health dangers of eating expired and dirty foods picked from the location.

He reminded them that medical services had now become expensive to foot hence the need to refrain from consuming contaminated food.

Chirundu residents raid dumpsite for expired products

He said if one fell sick, the residents should not even start finger-pointing and witch-hunting when they were deliberately killing themselves.

Mr. Sianduba expressed displeasure that despite the sensitization from the council health department, the residents continued scavenging at the dumpsite mostly by women and children especially when Shoprite was disposing waste on Wednesday and Saturday.

He urged women to love their children by not feeding them on expired food that may cause diseases such as dysentery, cholera, typhoid, and death.

Meanwhile, a resident of four miles Ireen Hamuzunga the situation was compounded by doing the disposal as they were the first ones to get some products for destroying.

Chirundu residents raid dumpsite for expired products

Another resident Esther Chisamu said what was causing them to scavenge was because of poverty in their homes.

And council dump site attendant Mr. Bollick Kiwani to the local authority to fence off the dumpsite to restrict access to it.

Mr. Kiwani said that last week an angry mob of women who went to the dumpsite almost beat him up for refusing them to scavenge.

And Mr. Sianduba has assured the resident that the council will carefully look into the matter to end scavenging.

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