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A LUSAKA business woman has been told by her husband to choose between marriage and business before he could consider reconciling with her.

This in a case in which Martha Sakala, 34, of Waterfalls area sued Kelvin Sakala, 36, of the same area for marriage reconciliation.

Martha told Chelstone local court senior magistrate Charity Milambo that the two had been having some misunderstandings in their marriage and wanted her husband to tell her the main reasons why he was not keen to take her back home.

“We have been on separation since September and my husband has not shown any signs of concern over our marriage. I want us to reconcile and keep our five children together.

“My husband always suspects me of having a boyfriend because of the business I do,   which I only do for the children and also to help him,” she said.

In defence, Kelvin said his wife stopped giving him respect because of the business he helped her start.

“The problem started when she started selling maize by the road side, where she could communicate with men. I want her to choose between marriage and business because whenever I tell her to stop she refuses,” he said.

He said his wife refused to quit her business, which was a show of disrespect.

Kelvin: Are you agreeing to quit business and be a full time house wife?

Martha: (With two minutes silence before responding.) Yes I will quit.

Magistrate Milambo: Are you ready to reconcile and bring your wife back home?

Kelvin: Not now

Magistrate Milambo: Marriage reconciliation has failed aggrieved party to sue for divorce.

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