ZAMBIA Association of Manufactures (ZAM) has partnered with Consumer Unity and Trust Society (CUTS) to celebrate local producers through annual Consumer Gold Star awards.

According to ZAM vice president-South, Chipego Zulu, the awards presented an opportunity for Zambian manufacturing companies to be recognised for their efforts to win local consumers.

Ms Zulu said the awards were meant to encourage firms to continuously improve on their brands.

In a statement, Ms Zulu explained that the awards would enable companies improve on their marketing practices to ensure that consumers became more aware of the growing number of manufacturing organisations and their products.

“One of ZAM’s objectives is to promote value addition to local raw materials and ensure the development of a modern and efficient manufacturing sector that produces high quality, proudly Zambian products, brands and services,” Ms Zulu said.

She said the Consumer Gold Star Awards were where consumers and manufactures met.

Ms Zulu said the awards were in line with the ‘Proudly Zambian Campaign’ which encouraged consumers to buys more local products.

She said the awards also would encourage Zambian manufacturers to assist consumers by producing high quality local products.

“Consumers form the foundation of the success of many businesses because outside of firm’s abilities to produce a product, the product must be consumed to secure the viability of the business.

“As such, the primary goal of any business is to identify and meet the needs of the consumer,” Ms Zulu said.

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