HE WAS one of the first people to organise the then opposition Patriotic Front party in Chawama Constituency before he moved to Kabwata constituency.

The Sun newspaper caught up with Kamulanga Ward Councillor Jonas Phiri.


My names are Jonas Phiri. I am Kamulanga Ward 9 councillor in Kabwata Constituency under the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

I am married with four children and I reside right in Kamulanga Ward. I was elected during the 2016 general polls. From then, I have been busy working with the community and getting to know my new role.


I have been passionate with the wellbeing of people and I have the passion to see change because when I looked around most wards were developed. So I thought I could also add value and contribute to my ward.

Being a public relations practitioner sometime back, I had a grip of what people wanted on the ground. Kamulanga Ward 9 was a ward that was very slow in terms of development. So together with the help of area member of Parliament, Mr Given Lubinda, I thought that I could add value and serve the people at the grassroots.

Besides that, I served as branch secretary for Chawama. We mobilised the party when it was in opposition, and last year I went unopposed and elected as a vice secretary for Kabwata Constituency.


Before I was voted into office I promised the people that I would bring water, infrastructure development and issue title deeds to the residents.

When I came into office I started to fight for water, which was a major challenge in the area. Now I am proud to say that people have water because they used to walk long distances in search for the commodity.

Kamulanga and other surrounding areas were not planned and the land was not on title deeds, but I am happy to mention that a project spearheaded by Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources is capturing houses for title deeds, and at moment printing of title deeds has commenced.

Also, Kamulanga never had infrastructure, but now we have a filling station, shopping malls and other amenities.

This is what we promised the people. Private investors have come to the area. People are able to buy products within reach.

Further, we never had roads but now we have roads and are benefiting from Lusaka Decongestion Project.


We have secured a piece of land to put up a police post. All we are waiting for is allocation in the Constituency Development Fund (CDF). We have already written to committee.

But we are working with officers from John Howard police post and they have been very supportive. We have also created a neighbourhood watch.

I also want to ensure that before my term of office comes to an end, I build a youth resource centre because the area has no recreation facilities. So, I have started soliciting for funds from well-wishers.


I would like to serve on a higher political platform, but I am not saying I want to stand as an MP now.

If God is willing I want to be one of the people making laws in Parliament. These are my future plans, to stand as member of Parliament and that is if  the people allow me.

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