RABECCA BANDA writes                                          

A LUSAKA man has been divorced in the Chilenje Local Court for failing to control his disrespectful children.

Muke Kashinje, 29, of Salama Park sued her husband Mubita Malambo, 48, a businessman of the same area for divorce.

The two were appearing before senior local court magistrate Ackim Phiri sitting with senior local court magistrate Harriet Mbewe.

They got married in 2014 and do not have children.

Kashinje and Malambo had been on separation for one week.

Kashinje told the court that disputes started at the beginning of their marriage.

“I found my husband with four children from two different women and I also have one child,” she said.

“His children don’t respect me as their father’s wife and he has refused to discipline them,” Kashinje said.

She said they were in court twice for reconciliation.

Kashinje told the court one of Malambo’s daughters aged 21 years entered their bedroom while they were sleeping saying she wanted to use the mirror.

“He tells me never to talk about his children,” she said. “He says the other two women are important to him because they have borne him children’.”

Kashinje said her husband talked to his wife his former wife every day.

“He always defends his children even when they are wrong,” she said.

“I want the marriage to end because he loves his children more than me,” Kashinje said.

In defence Malambo said his wife had not accepted his children.

“She knew from the beginning that I have children out of wedlock,” he said.

“My children hate her because they think she is the cause of the divorce between me and their mother,” he said.

“I asked her to give me time to talk to them and that they would adapt to her,” he said.

The court granted divorce without compensation and ordered Malambo to maintain his former wife with K350 per month for one year.

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