THE Boma Local Court in Lusaka has revoked administratorship of a man of Olympia for preventing his siblings from benefiting from their late mother’s estate.

This was a case in which Maco Tembo, 34, of Olympia dragged his young brother, Sikunyana Tembo, 32, a businessman to court, alleging he was preventing him from benefitting from their late mother’s estate.

Tembo told Senior Local Court Magistrate Bertha Zulu that when their mother died in 2017, Sikunyana wanted to be appointed sole administrator but after a struggle, both were appointed administrators.

“My mother left a house in 10 Miles area and another in Mtendere and the beneficiaries are my two brothers and me. My brother told me that he would ensure he worked alone as administrator,” Tembo said. He said his brother privately spoke to people at the bank and made sure, only his name was listed so that only he could collect the money.

He always came up with excuses so that he could misuse the money and without telling his brothers, he put the house in Mtendere on rent.

“He has made my life so difficult. I am an accounting student but I don’t have money to pay for my school. He is connected and whenever I complain, he gets me locked up. One time he sent ‘kidnappers’ who got me and took me to Chainama where I was kept without verifying if I was mentally ill.

“I was only released by someone else after they saw that I wasn’t mentally ill. He steals everything he finds valuable from me, my phones, passport, NRC and whenever I try to reconcile with him, he brings the police and gets me thrown in the cells where I once spent 10 nights,” Tembo said.

Sikunyana: How can you resort to court without trying to reason with me first?

Tembo: You know that I have tried to reconcile with you many times. I have involved elders, church and even lawyers but nothing works for you.

Sikunyana: You said we are co-administrators, but how can I access the money without you?

Tembo: You’re a trickster! I don’t know how you do it. Maybe that’s why you stole my NRC to find means of doing things on your own.

Sikunyana: You’re claiming I stole your things. Why did you never report me to the police?

Tembo: The police are the ones you use to intimidate me because you’re so connected so I resorted to coming to court.

Magistrate Zulu: Where is the last salary you got from the bank?

Sikunyana: it is available

Magistrate Zulu: on Friday, come with it so that you share it equally in court with your brothers.

After being ordered to bring the salary to court, Sikunyana confessed he had used it.

Magistrate Zulu revoked his administratorship and advised that all the brothers be appointed administrators to ensure transparency.

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