A MATTER of reconciliation between a Lusaka couple was dismissed by the Matero Local Court because dowry was not paid and the two were just cohabiting as lovers.

Elizabeth Banda,19 of Chipata Township sued her husband Steven Sakala,21 of Kabanana for reconciliation.

The two appeared before Magistrate Pauline Newa.

Banda told the court that she did not want the marriage anymore and she wanted to go back to school.

Magistrate Newa: Do you accept to reconcile?

Sakala: Yes, i agree

Magistrate Newa: When did you get married?

Banda: Last year

Magistrate Newa: Did he pay dowry?

Banda: No, he did not

Magistrate Newa: Did he pay for damage?

Banda: No, he did not

Magistrate Newa: Are you from the same house?

Banda: No, I left last week

“He damaged me when I was in grade 9 and I was staying with him but he would insult my parents and he also impregnated another woman,

“He would say I am not a woman. I tried to talk to his mother but nothing changed, when he was called home he said he did not want me,” said Banda”.

Sakala: Who denied the other?

Banda: You did

Magistrate Newa: Do you want him?

Banda: No I don’t, I want to go back to school

Sakala told the court that when his dad went to meet Banda’s parents she said she was tired of me and the marriage.

“She said I should marry another woman. There was nothing I could do since she does not want me but I still want my wife,” said Sakala

Banda: Didn’t you say you don’t want me?

Sakala: You are the one that started it

“This is not a marriage you are just lovers, the claim is dismissed said Magistrate Newa”.

Advice from Bana Chimbusa

In this case were two are involved a school girl there was no marriage they did not pay dowry tabalipilipo isalamu these two they were not married so let the girl go back to school so that she continues her school.

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