A LUSAKA Magistrate’s Court has warned a 14-year-old boy he would be sent to Katombora Reformatory School if he did not stop stealing other people’s phones.

Magistrate Nsunge Chanda issued the warning in a case in which the juvenile is accused of stealing a phone worth K900.

Magistrate Chanda: When did you learn of your son’s arrest?

Juvenile’s father: I learned of my son’s arrest on September 14.

Magistrate Chanda: How did you come to know of his arrest?

Juvenile’s father: Through his brother, and I went to the police together with the complainant the following morning.

Magistrate Chanda: Does your son go to school and where?

Juvenile’s father: Yes, he goes to school but I have forgotten the name of the school.

Magistrate Chanda wondered how a parent could fail to know the school his child attended and advised the man not to keep his child like a neighbor’s child.

Magistrate Chanda: What grade is he doing and what pass mark did he get last term?

Juvenile’s father: He is in grade six but he did write his tests last term because he was absconding school.

Magistrate Chanda: What have you done about his behaviour?

Juvenile’s father: My wife and I sat down with him and we decided to take him back school, maybe he can change.

Magistrate Chanda observed that the problem was not about the boy not attending school but about his father failing to control him.

“Katombola is waiting, I will order for you to be taken there if you do not change,” she said.

The boy assured he would obey the rules set by his parents.

Magistrate Chanda: You don’t want to live with your father? You want to go to prison where there is a school? You want people to be walking scared with their phones? Can you change?

The matter comes up on October 9 for presentation of facts.

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