Isaiah 54:1-4

EVERY individual created by God is born with an imbedded seed of greatness.

This does not mean that all shall walk in the opportunities of greatness without creating room for the fullness of what one has to offer.

Just like a pregnant woman, the seed of greatness in her womb is synonymous with the pain she experiences during the moment of her pregnancy meaning, if the seed is great, then likewise great will be the pain that comes with the pregnancy.

A lot could be said about a pregnant woman yet in summary we could say that what makes a way for that seed is the capacity to go through this whole process.

The discomfort of adjusting can be such an emotional load hence the need for proper preparation is vital.

For us to break forth in every sphere of our lives we cannot do without creating adequate capacity for what God is about to do.

In the natural, expectant mothers engage pre-marital counseling in search for wisdom and for us in the supernatural need a similar approach to build our capacity.

Here are two keys we could consider to create capacity for expansion that will cause us to break forth.

  • Faith

Romans 10:17 tells us that faith comes by hearing and hearing from the word of God.

In this society we are living in, there are a lot of opinions from several media platforms that are exerting negative energies and causing people to live in fear.

What we hear or watch has a huge bearing on our personal faith.

Let us hear more from sources that will build our faith for the great things God has for us. Great impact at any level is inspired by God’s word.

Faith should not just end as a talk but as a walk. As a country there is hope if we consider walking by faith through hard work.

  • Our friends

As the year unfolds the type of people you associate with will have an effect on how much great or small you will be.

My mentor Bishop Billy once told me that do not get used to shinning among people you outshine but be with those who make you feel you have more to learn and challenge you to be better.

God blesses us through people and it is high time we consider to honor those God is blessing so that we can partake such blessings that come through relationships.

Our friendships should not be determined by money or status in society but by characters that uphold Godly values.

I sense a year where many shall break forth and experience exponential growth and increase in many areas of our lives.

 All these two keys can only be found when you first relate to Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior.

Look for a Bible believing in church near you or get in touch with us so we can help you know Jesus at a personal level. It’s your season to break forth!


PROPHET Garry Bwalya is a founder and Senior Pastor of Divine Power Miracle Church and is the pioneer of the Divine Touch Moment Ministries, an International Christian outreach ministry with a mandate to revive nations with the gospel, empowering people through mentorship, Life Coaching, hosting conferences and reaching out to the less privileged.

He began his walk with Christ at a tender age and since then he has been a devoted and practical living Christian and this is evidenced by the way he has lived his life and the impact he has on the number of people that are disciples under him.

He is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center and is currently pursuing his degree in Ministry with a major in Leadership at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa Oklahoma USA.

With a passion of winning souls, Kingdom impact and preserving the generation, an unusual record of witnessing women with barren/ closed wombs open and conceive are some of the notable signs and miracles that follow his life.

God has uniquely graced Prophet Garry to be one of the few prophets that have the ability to firmly give accurate prophecies that have helped people locate their purpose.

His message and burden on son-ship has helped a number of churches locally and internationally return to a place of kingdom service and loyalty.

Deliverance and Healing are other gifts with high evident impact in Africa and a number of States in the United States of America (USA).

He is also an author with books to his name like; “Holding On To God” and “Secretes for Effective Prayer” among others.

An international conference and Television/Radio Speaker, Prophet Garry lives in Lusaka Zambia with his wife Abigail and have two children the son Prosper Lubuto and the daughter Jemimah Bukata Bwalya.

He is one of Zambia’s rare young men thriving in ministry against a background where few ministers hit the right mark in the right time.

He is currently successfully heading a church with a dynamic growth in the city of Lusaka.

Prophet Garry was ordained in 2011 and is privileged to be mentored by a respectable and well-seasoned Father of the land of Zambia, His Grace, Bishop Billy Mfula.

Contact Details: +260975612737 | Email:

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