GOVERNMENT should present a comprehensive business model and financial projects for Zambia Airways to key stakeholders and the public to encourage a smooth procedure for the re-launch of the airline, says Centre for Trade Policy and Development (CTPD).

CTPD Researcher, Bright Chizonde, encouraged Government to handle the re-launch of QZ the same way it handled Sales Tax by engaging key stakeholders and the public.

Mr Chizonde said in a statement that doing so would encourage a transparent process.

“Government claims to have a comprehensive business model and financial projects, but these have not been presented to key stakeholders or the general public, the same way as the much talked about sales tax simulations which were never made public,” he said.

Mr Chizonde said Government should become more accommodating of divergent views for the betterment and refinement of their plans if Zambia Airways is to succeed.

CTPD, he said, would continue to advise Government to halt its decision to relaunch Zambia Airways and focus on improving its plans through background work and stakeholder consultation.

Mr Chizonde said this stance should be taken until such a time as would be economically and fiscally allowing for the relaunch.

He advised IDC and the Ministry of Transport and Communication to stop ignoring public concerns regarding the decision to relaunch Zambia.

“It is surprising that government has continued to push for the re-launch of Zambia Airways by establishing a board of directors and recruiting employees who are already drawing salaries, when the general public does not know the source of these funds,” he said.

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