THE Boma Local Court in Lusaka has thrown out a case in which a 73-year-old security guard of John Laing sued his daughter-in-law for defamation claiming that she accused him of being a wizard.

Philip Lwembe who took Gertrude Mwewa, 30, to court told Senior Local Court Magistrate George Kaoma that he wanted the court to discipline her.

Lwembe said one morning in October, after knocking off from work he wanted to sleep but Mwewa who lived within the same yard started playing loud music.

“I failed to sleep and went to ask her to reduce the volume.

 She didn’t respond well. She said ‘tamwakwata amano, ndimwana wabene mwindowa’. These words hurt my heart because the house that she stays in is mine and she disrespects me,” he said.

He said wanted the court to help him chase his son and daughter-in-law from his house because they both accused him of being a wizard.

Mwewa: When you reached our house, didn’t you insult me before asking me to reduce the volume of music?

Lwembe: No I didn’t

Mwewa: Didn’t you also tell me ‘chi tate chako chinafa sichina siyepo nyumba’?

Lwembe: I never said those words.

Mwewa who denied ever calling Lwembe a wizard told the court that he never liked both her and his own son and that’s why they never had a good relationship.

“My husband likes to play music in the morning. On that day, he left for work and left the music playing. I didn’t know he had left because I was sleeping. My father-in-law just entered the house without knocking and started shouting,” she said.

She said Lwembe always shouted at her and insulted her over anything even when she did not do anything wrong.

 “He even tells me ‘chi tate chako chokufa sichina mangepo nyumba pano’.

He didn’t even reason with me or try to ask anything, he was very angry.

When he’s shouting, sometimes he grabs onto my shirt and beats me. Even when he drinks, he comes home to shout,” she said.

She said her in-law also insulted her often and threatened to burn her with hot water if she continued to stay in that house.

The court found that there were problems arising from Lwembe not wanting his son and Mwewa in his house.

It noted moreover, there was hatred from Lwembe who attacked Mwewa instead of approaching her properly and consequently ruled a failed defamation.

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