A LUSAKA woman, whose husband has accused of committing adultery with outgoing Central Province Permanent Secretary Patrick Mwanawasa and Ministry of Foreign Affairs permanent Secretary Ronald Simwinga, has denied the allegations in the Lusaka High Court.

Musamba Mulenga Okpara, an investments officer at the Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ) claims that her husband, Lombe Okpara has hacked her phone for purposes of spying on her activities and recently procured a firearm, which he stated was to be used on her.

In this matter, Mr Okpara has dragged his wife, Musamba, to court for dissolution of their eight-year marriage for allegedly engaging in adultery with Mr Simwinga and Mr Mwanawasa.

He also cited Mr Simwinga and Mr Mwanawasa as first and second respondents in the case.

According to his petition for the dissolution of marriage, filed in the Lusaka High Court, recently, Mr Okpara claimed that his wife admitted committing adultery with Mr Simwinga and Mr Mwanawasa.

He stated that on November 3 last year, his wife and Mr Mwanawasa spent time together at a short-term rented duplex apartment situated on Lukanga road in Roma Township.

Mr Okpara stated that his wife and Mr Mwanawasa spent about five hours in the said apartment from 17:00 hours to 21:45 hours after which Mr Mwanawasa allegedly complained of pain on his manhood following the alleged sexual encounter.

Okpara also cited unreasonable behaviour, among other reasons, claiming that his wife arranged and hosted a party for Mr Simwinga at her sister’s house and convinced him that it was a kind gesture to appreciate Mr Simwinga for the favours that he did for her family.

He said his wife asked him to be present at the party and entertain the guests, little did he know that the primary guest was actually his wife’s sexual partner.

Mr Okpara stated that Ms Musamba would bring men to their matrimonial house whenever he was out of the country to perform his duties and would also receive lingerie as gifts from other men.

But in the respondent’s answer to the petition filed on Monday, Musamba admitted that her marriage with Okpara had broken down irretrievably but added that the reasons for the breakdown were none of the allegations by her husband.

Ms Musamba stated that Mr Mwanawasa was a friend who was at the time working in Eastern Province.

She added that she simply went to pay him a visit as friends normally would when he was in town and used the rented duplex apartment to hold meetings.

Mr Musamba stated that “whether or not someone’s manhood is in pain is not indicative of having recently had a sexual encounter.”

She further denied confirming that Mr Mwanawasa had wished he had married her and added that the reason for the decision to live apart with Mr Okpara could also be attributed to the unreasonable behaviour portrayed by her husband which included harassing her and her colleagues.

Ms Musamba also denied having an intimate relationship with Mr Simwinga and maintained that the relationship between them had always been plutonic.

She admitted accepting a gift from a friend, however upon unwrapping the same and discovering that it was lingerie she immediately disposed of the gift.

Musamba also stated that her marriage with Okpara had broken down irretrievably due to her husband’s behaviour.

She claimed that her husband had been involved in a witch hunt against her, adding that after she left the matrimonial house, Okpara engaged and paid a host of supposed pastors to rummage around the house in search of charms.

She is now seeking an order for the dissolution of the marriage on account of her husband’s unreasonable behaviour and that Okpara be made to pay maintenance pending determination of the matter.

Ms Musamba further wants to be granted full custody of the children with reasonable access granted to Okpara, costs and an order for property settlement.

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