THE tendency by some Chirundu residents to scavenge the area dump site for disposed of expired goods by Shoprite Stores, has worried the town council secretary Mr. John Mwanza.

Mr Mwanza observed it was dangerous for some people to scavenge at the damp site and that consuming expired products could pose a danger to their health.

He told the Sun in an interview that he was concerned by the number of people that had resorted to waiting at the dump site to pick up the expired products being disposed of by some stores.

He disclosed that the council planned to fence off the dump site to control the trend but the programme was hampered by lack of resources

And Mr. Mwanza has said council officers from the health department have been deployed to inspect the shops in the district for expired products following public complaints some retail outlets were selling expired medicines and goods, especially in the rural parts of the district.

He has appealed to the residents to be patient and to support the inspectors as they went round conducting inspections.

He said what the inspectors would collect and destroy any expired good found on the shelves rather than prosecute the culprits.

He said destroying the goods was a better option to disposing them to stop people from picking them and consuming them.

Meanwhile, Mr Mwanza has said the council would demolish all structures built on road reserves after obtaining approval from the provincial planning authority.

He said the council will only halt its demolition plans if it manages to secure more land for roads re-planning from chiefs and headmen.

“if that happens, the affected people will be spared but failure to do so, we will go ahead and raze buildings on road reserves,” Mr Mwanza said.

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