A WOMAN of Lusaka’s Chilenje South has dragged her husband to court for divorce because she believes her marriage to him is fake.

Mwaka Banda, 32 sued Manase Nguni in the Chilenje Local Court for divorce because she believes her marriage to him was fake as her husband has failed to produce their marriage certificate.

Banda told Magistrate Alick Phiri that she wanted divorce because her marriage to Nguni appeared to be phony.

She told the court that after Nguni impregnated her, they agreed to get married.

She said because she was heavily pregnant, Nguni got her NRC and claimed he would sign for her for a marriage certificate at Civic Centre on all documents that required her signature.

“Being ignorant, I gave him my NRC. Even on the wedding day, there was something both of us were supposed to sign. He refused to sign and gave some funny excuse,” Banda said.

“I later made a follow up at the Civic Center but there was no record about our marriage. It’s like he never even went there to start the process of getting the marriage certificate,

She was told at the Civic Centre that Nguni could not have started the process or do anything to acquire a marriage certificate in her absence.

The court advised Banda to verify with Civic Centre if it was true that her husband had started process of securing a marriage certificate.

That was because the court might not have jurisdiction to handle their divorce case if the two were not married under the Ordinance Act

Magistrate Phiri to Nguni: Did you start the process of acquiring a marriage certificate at Civic Centre?

Nguni: Yes

Magistrate Phiri: How is it that from 2013 to date you haven’t finished the process?

Nguni: There are too many issues involved.

Magistrate Phiri advised Banda to go back to the Civic Centre and verify that information as the court may not have jurisdiction to handle their divorce case.

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